I have presented papers at various national and international academic conferences including:

2019 Competences and Skills in the Governance of a Digitally Transformed Society Workshop, EU Joint Research Centre (Ispra)

Paper: Data Awareness and Data Literacy: Young people’s tactical engagement with digital platforms

2019 The British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University

Paper: Prompting or checking? Repurposing Facebook Activity Logs and Search Histories in interview settings

Paper: A Time of One’s Own? Young people’s use of social media platforms in the context of neoliberal governmentality (with Dr Susan Batchelor, The University of Glasgow)

2017 The British Sociological Association Annual Conference, The University of Manchester

Paper: Young People and Social Network Sites: Changing Perceptions of Scrutiny in the Personal and Professional Realms.

2016 Third Forum of the International Sociological Association, The University of Vienna

Paper: Young People’s Understandings of Social Media: Changing Perceptions and Reflective Practices.

2016 The 7th Biennial Surveillance & Society Conference, The University of Barcelona

Paper: Scrutiny and Surveillance on Social Media: Change or Continuity? Young Adults’ Perceptions and Practices.

2015 The 5th Information Communication Technologies & Society Conference, Vienna University of Technology

Paper: Surveillance Enabling Technologies and Peer Scrutiny: Impacts on Young People’s Interpersonal Relationships.

2014 Social Media Analysis: Methods and Ethics, The University of Glasgow

Paper: Enabling Surveillance: Young people’s Uses and Understandings of Mobile Technologies; Ethics and Methodological Issues

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