Conferences & Events

I have presented papers at various national and international academic conferences including:

  • Upcoming – Data for Policy 2022, Brussels

Paper: Data engagement in Scotland during COVID-19: what lessons for public sector digital transformation in preparation for future crises?   (with Prof Simon Joss)

  • 2021 – Leeds Digital Festival, Online

Member of a panel organised by the Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation (CDEI) on ‘Securing innovations through better data sharing‘.

  • 2021 – European Commission’s Smart Cities Marketplace Forum, Online

Presentation of key findings of our report on Scottish Local Government’s Data Engagement during COVID-19 at the Cluster meeting on Integrated Infrastructures & Processes.

You can find a recording of the session here.

  • 2021 – Media Education Summit, University of Leeds

Paper: ‘Everyone knows the technique’: Tactical agency: young people’s (dis) engagement with digital platforms (as part of the panel will be convened by Internet Policy Review, on the theme of digital literacy).

  • 2019 – Competences and Skills in the Governance of a Digitally Transformed Society Workshop, EU Joint Research Centre (Ispra, Italy)

Presentation: Data Awareness and Data Literacy: Young people’s tactical engagement with digital platforms

You can find the report of the workshop here and my presentation here.

  • 2019 – The British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University

Paper: Prompting or checking? Repurposing Facebook Activity Logs and Search Histories in interview settings

Paper: A Time of One’s Own? Young people’s use of social media platforms in the context of neoliberal governmentality (with Dr Susan Batchelor)

  • 2017 – The British Sociological Association Annual Conference, The University of Manchester

Paper: Young People and Social Network Sites: Changing Perceptions of Scrutiny in the Personal and Professional Realms.

  • 2016 – Third Forum of the International Sociological Association, The University of Vienna

Paper: Young People’s Understandings of Social Media: Changing Perceptions and Reflective Practices.

  • 2016 – The 7th Biennial Surveillance & Society Conference, The University of Barcelona

Paper: Scrutiny and Surveillance on Social Media: Change or Continuity? Young Adults’ Perceptions and Practices.

  • 2015 – The 5th Information Communication Technologies & Society Conference, Vienna University of Technology

Paper: Surveillance Enabling Technologies and Peer Scrutiny: Impacts on Young People’s Interpersonal Relationships.

  • 2014 – Social Media Analysis: Methods and Ethics, The University of Glasgow

Paper: Enabling Surveillance: Young people’s Uses and Understandings of Mobile Technologies; Ethics and Methodological Issues

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